Barista Service

Among the services we offer, the Barista Service at Events is one of the most requested by our customers.

We bring one of our best baristas to your event so that your clients or guests can enjoy the best drinks made with specialty coffee.

We work with the best brands in the sector, special coffees with traceability and organoleptic descriptions, high-end espresso machines, organic condiments, sustainable tableware as well as milk and plant-based beverages served with the best service by our baristas.

We travel to any part of the world to offer our coffee service for events whether they are Congresses, Fairs, Corporate Events, or Private…Included in our service are the shipments, the pickups, the setup and the dismantling, we take care of everything so you don’t have to worry about this part.

Team building coffee cupping

Fun introductory tastings aimed at groups or companies. A fun workshop designed to recognise and distinguish the virtues and defects of good coffee. In the tastings, the steps to prepare a Brazilian cupping will be briefly explained and we will try different coffee profiles.

We help you to discover the unique characteristics of each bean through comparison and by evaluating specific points such as aroma, acidity, body, and flavor among others.

Pairings with specialty coffee

The pairing workshops with specialty coffee can be carried out with different gourmet products: cheeses, craft beers, wines, chocolates, plant milks, etc. and are aimed at both professionals seeking pairings for their businesses and groups of people who want to delve deeper and learn about the profiles of different products.

In these workshops we will learn to identify the seven profiles of each of the products: chocolatey, winey, spicy, exotic, fruity, milky, and floral. We will also compare similarities between the products.

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